titanium - the intersex podcast

episode 5 - trauma

February 14, 2021 Mike Carroll Season 1 Episode 5
titanium - the intersex podcast
episode 5 - trauma
Show Notes

LBGTQI+ people experience varying degrees of trauma, sometimes masked with addiction, self-harm and suicidal ideation.

I masked my trauma with copious amounts of alcohol, drugs and being the party king.  

Always know you are never alone and suport is always just a phone call away. 

I hope you get value from this podcast. 

These will serve to be introductions to larger topics around Intersex in the future.

Thank you for your support.

Love always,


If you are looking for support around Intersex - Intersex Peer Support can be found here:

The Black Dog Institute can be found here:

Beyond Blue can be found here:

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