titanium - the intersex podcast

episode 4 - janine (little bubbie)

January 09, 2021 Mike Carroll Season 1 Episode 4
titanium - the intersex podcast
episode 4 - janine (little bubbie)
Show Notes

Our first love will always hold a special part to our heart. It's through this connection that we first learn about intimacy and discover ways to make each other feel love. 

The first love and intimate partner for an intersex person is massive and can make or break   future intimate relationships. 

 I avoided intimate encounters throughout High School and am so grateful Janine was so accepting of me and even wrote a poem ❤️.

If we were to  break down love into three parts Psychological, Emotional and Physical - 
Sometimes we require the psychological love in a partner  before the emotional and ultimately the physical parts of lovemaking. Other times it's the physical love that creates the psychological and emotional connection with the other person. At different stages in Janine and my relationship the psychological, emotional and physical all played their parts at different times. It was the culmination of all three together that created the  most passionate love that helped create a sexual identity, forming part of my overall identity. It's through being intersex, that I now have another sexual identity to discover, which is now exciting compared to completely scary.

Is our identity created through our sexual experiences, or are these ever evolving, like ourselves in the evolution of us as humans?

Janine was a vital part of my sexual development as an individual. We bred love into each other at a time our lives needed it. 

You were  the love of my life, and I broke your heart. 
You gave me love when I had none.
You showed me love and I will always love you,
My little bubba xxoo

Love always,

Michael xoxo

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