titanium - the intersex podcast

episode 3 - families

December 30, 2020 Mike Carroll Season 1 Episode 3
titanium - the intersex podcast
episode 3 - families
Show Notes

Families are said to be the centre  of our universe - not necessarily for intersex people, who can live their lives  - knowing they don't fit in, but don't know why.  It can take years to discover why we are different and for some it will take their life - either from old age or from suicide.
Being different is part of me and I'm so proud of that fact,  you have that right too.
I don't wish to be like anybody else or to fit into a society that has problems fitting in with itself.
Families should always be about adapting and welcoming differences, because that's how we create individuality. I don't have a close family and I'm not alright with that.  

In understanding my true purpose in life, utilising my broadcast background, my media family, and my academic training in helping people I will help you become the person you want to be. 
My gift to you is my life experiences in these podcasts in the overall aim of helping people to understand each other and creating lifelong connections. 

As individuals, we have the power to challenge the existing family structure  in the overall aim of increasing the connection and love between all parties to make today better than yesterday. 

Mike Carroll